Beachcombing the Arts

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Beachcombing The Arts
Wandering Sketchpad
Exhibitions & Galleries

Mills College Art Museum USA
Winslow Homer and his 1873 painting 'Waiting for Dad'
Valparaiso Street Art Chile
Art Tales Videos
Peasant Wedding (Detail)
Bruegel Kunst Historisches Vienna
RAF Hendon - a snap sketch
RAF Museum London
Brig O'Turk Tea Rooms
Brig O'Turk Ruskin Glasgow Boys
Thames Barrier
Thames Barrier
Michelangelo & David
With apologies to Michelangelo
Joe's Cafe Studland Dorset UK
Studland Dorset UK Joe's Cafe
The PBI (Poor Bloody Infantry) 1941
Henry Lamb Exhibition Salisbury Museum
50 pence. As much as that. Take it, take it...
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC
High Line NYC
High Line NYC
9/11 Memorial Park NYC
New York City 9/11 Memorial Park
Lexington and Park Avenue
New York City
Allen Banks and the seat of William Wordsworth
William Wordsworth Allen Banks Grasmere
Troglodyte chiseller chips a gem - Chiesa da Piedigrotta Pizzo Calabria
A typical Tropean doorway
Ancient and Modern Calabria Italy
Cornwall – wandering with a sketchbook
RA 250 - To the new extension
Royal Academy 250 Years
Picasso postcards from Tate Modern
Picasso 1932 Tate Modern London
Roland Oudot 1897 - 1981 Nu
Libourne France Musee des beaux-arts City Art Gallery
Bayonne SW France
Bayonne France Pilgrimage route to your definition of indulgence
Biarittz - down to the old port and sea
Biarittz France Cote Atlantique
St Emilion village square
St Emilion a heart of Bordeaux wine UNESCO
St Ives Rooftops
Tate St Ives - Rooftops and seagulls soar above
Corfe doorway
Corfe Castle Dorset - a doorway into history
Salisbury Wiltshire UK - the centre of international tension
Salisbury Russia Skirpal - the centre of international tension
Salisbury North Walk
Salisbury Cathedral Close - a quiet corner away from the nerve scenario
Bournemouth Pier
Bournemouth pier on a sunny day and #me_too
Royal Academy of Arts Charles 1 King and Collector
Royal Academy of Arts Charles 1 King and Collector
On a Shelf in Swellendam
On a Shelf in Swellendam - Sausage Machine
Tate Modern London
Tate Modern Modigliani
Cape Town
Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa Cape Town
Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall
Kurt Jackson Artist Cornwall
Grayson Perry Serpentine Gallery London
Penlee Art Gallery Cornwall
Stanhope Forbes, Penlee Cornwall Exhibition
Norwegian Art Bergen Kode
Norwegian Art Bergen Kode
William H Singer Jr Olden Norway
Alberto Giacometti Tate Modern London Existentialism Nobility Humanity
Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England's Sistine
Greenwich Painted Hall Ceiling England's Sistine - A Walk Through
Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall
Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall : Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy Exhibition
Michelangelo Sebastiano National Gallery
Gethesemine and Good Friday Caravaggio and Sebastiano
Royal Academy London: The Russians – ‘Revolution’. The Americans – ‘After the Fall’ Compare and contrast two completely different political systems. Discuss!
Russians Revolution Royal Academy London. How does this remind you of recent revolutions … sorry … Brexit referendums?
Michelangelo and Sebastiano at the National Gallery London: Monumentality and Emotion. Human spirit, vulnerability and nobility
Sir Elton John Photography Collection
The photographs by Dorothea Lange from the Sir Elton John Collection at the Tate Modern London ‘The Radical Eye’
Sir Elton John Photography Collection Tate Modern London ‘The Radical Eye’. Snapshots & Fun to Profound Works
Robert Rauschenburg and Retroactive II
Robert Rauschenburg at the Tate Modern London: What was he trying to achieve? An interpretation
Penlee Art Gallery and Museum Penzance Cornwall
Henry Scott Tuke Falmouth Art Gallery Cornwall
Australian Impressionism at the National Gallery London
David Hockney ‘9 Canvas Study of The Grand Canyon’ 1998 and ‘The Road Across the Wolds’ 1997. How did he do it?
David Hockney Tate Britain ‘A Bigger Splash’ and ‘Peter Climbing Out of Nick’s Pool’. Brief Transient Hedonism.
David Hockney At The Tate Britain London. Discover His Repertoire and Enjoy the Entertainment
A painting by Ilya Repin Barge Haulers on the Volga
'Friday feeling’ at the State Russian Museum St Petersburg
Modern Art Making Sense? What does it do for you? Read on ...
Emma Hamilton: Seductress or Victim of Sex Trafficking?
Artists and dementia
Who is this fellow? What a Hero. Foundling Museum London
Values and Personal Perspectives at Queen's House Greenwich
Paul Nash at Tate Britain - The Spiritual Power of Place
American Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy. Liberation
Caravaggio - how did he do it?
Kurt Jackson: Revisiting Turner’s Tourism. Exeter Royal Albert Museum
Conceptual Art - a clue
Hockney Art History
David Hockney at the Royal Academy
Botticelli Art History
Botticelli Reimagined at the V&A London
JMW Turner at Petworth House
Giorgione at The Royal Academy – and Babies
Russell Coates Gallery Bournemouth
Piero Della Francesca ‘The Resurrection’
Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse. Royal Academy
Leonardo at London's National Gallery
Vincent at Musee d'Orsay
The World Goes Pop at Tate Modern
Ai WeiWei at The Royal Academy
Jackson Pollock Painting Process
The Jackson Pollock 'Blind Spots' Exhibition